Dijital Dönüşüm Merkezi

The Digital Transformation Center (DDM), which aims to guide the adaptation of these constantly evolving and changing ecosystems to SMEs by examining application examples of digital transformation across various sectors, is established on an area of 1,362 m². It carries out activities aimed at increasing the digital skills of companies operating in the ready-to-wear and textile sectors as well as innovative entrepreneurs, by creating an infrastructure that meets the requirements of the era.

Configured according to the new and global working system of the era, from design to production with the latest technology equipment and software, DDM offers the high-tech infrastructure it houses to the service of the sector. It determines the digital maturity level of the sector, provides digital solutions in the field of new generation production and design with its consultancy services, and aims to lead the way in digitalization by providing training in areas such as artificial intelligence, sensor technologies, robotics, big data management, 3D design, and 3D modeling.

For more detailed information about the İHKİB Digital Transformation Center: www.ddmturkiye.org

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